Last updated on 18 May 2021


We collect and process data to deliver services to our App and Platform Users. When your App Account is created, you can manage your privacy settings and access transparent information about how and why we store your data.

Because we use licensed technology, you may also regard the privacy policy of our Licensor. For details on how and why we collect and process your data, please have a look at section 6.


We are ByteKast (Pty) Ltd (“we”) - a mandated Licensee and primary operator of ByteKast LXP.

ByteKast LXP (the “Platform”) is built using technologies provided by and owned by Everyday Digital (Pty) Ltd.

You are a User (“you”, “User”) of ByteKast LXP. Your confidentiality and the security of your personal information is important to us - it is our responsibility to protect your privacy. We aim for a privacy-by-design approach to achieve a high standard of compliance, transparency, and accountability.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, store, process, and disclose your personal data (data that can be used to identify you) when you access, or make use of ByteKast LXP, related products and technology, services, websites, and applications (“services”) that we offer directly or through a mandated provider of our Platform.

Having its jurisdiction in South Africa, ByteKast (Pty) Ltd complies with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), 4 of 2013 (“the Act”), but is also informed by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”); this represents ByteKast (Pty) Ltd’s commitment to complying with obligations arising under the Act as well as the regulations contained in the GDPR.


3.1 “User” or “you” encompasses anyone accessing or using ByteKast LXP and related Apps;

3.2 “Data” means the sum of all information we collect and store through your use of ByteKast LXP;

3.3 “Licensor” is Everyday Digital Pty (Ltd) (“we”, “ED”), the primary Licensor of its technology;

3.4 “Licensee” is ByteKast (Pty) Ltd (“we”, “us”) a mandated provider of a Platform built on the Licensor’s technology, who may appoint Sub-Licensees of its Platform;

3.5 “Technology” means proprietary technology, frameworks, software, Apps, and Platforms, and related services and processes, as developed by ED;

3.6 “App” means any applications created using our technology, which may be made available to Users through a mandated Licensee, Sub-Licensee, or directly through ED;

3.7 “Platform” is ByteKast LXP - an iteration of the Licensor’s technology;

3.8 “Account” means a User’s account on the Platform or on a related App. Accounts contain personal information and data that may be required to make use of ByteKast LXP.

3.9 “Controller” or “Data Controller” means the technology Licensor, and/or Licensee(s), and/or Sub-Licensee(s);

3.10 “Processor” or “Data Processor” means anyone who has access to your personal information through ByteKast LXP and/or is processing such personal information in connection with the use of ByteKast LXP.

3.11 “Processing” of personal data can be defined as including any operation or set of operations performed upon personal data or sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction;

3.12 “Appointed Provider” is a User who has been appointed as a third-party service provider by a Controller and thus given limited or full permission to access, view, and process personal information of Users. Appointed Providers may offer services such as support, administration, integrations, and content development.


We collect information about Platform Account Users, App Account Users, and website visitors for different reasons. We act as both a “Data Controller” (when we collect your personal data ourselves when you register a Platform Account with us and/or a Licensee) and as a “Data Processor” (when we need to provide support or process data for reasons described herein).

4.1 We process your personal data depending on what type of Account you hold and in order to provide related, legitimate services to you.


We collect account and profile information, such as personal and contact data, as well as location (optional) and functional data such as security, debugging, cookie, and notification data.

5.1 Personal and contact information collected, includes:

5.2 Purposes of collecting personal and contact information:

5.3 Analytical and functional information that may be collected, includes:

5.4 Purposes for collecting analytical and functional information are necessary to ensure the secure and error-free delivery of the Platform, and also to allow the Platform administrator to understand and manage their Users. Cookies, (files with small amounts of data sent to your device from a server and stored on your device’s hard drive), sessions, and logs to collect certain additional information, such as a User’s IP address, GPS location, URL information, operating system, and browser details are all used for purposes of monitoring security, performance, and/or diagnostic events across ByteKast LXP.

5.5 Notifications that may be sent to you, and their purpose:

5.6 Other reasons and purposes for processing your data, include:

5.7 Cookies and purposes for processing your data, include:


6.1 We do not collect sensitive data in the following special categories:


As an App Account User, you may view and export a current list of the Appointed Providers who have accessed your personal data in your App account, under “Request Data”. Here you may see:


In order to store your personal data, provide customer support, perform back-office functions, fraud prevention tasks, or provide services to you, we may need to allow our staff, suppliers, service partners, and Licensees (who may be located or whose resources may be located in a country other than your country of residence) to access the personal data that you have supplied.


The categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed:


10.1 Our services are not offered to any persons who are minors, being persons under the age of 13, or the age designated for minors as determined by the laws of the specific jurisdiction in which our services are being accessed.

10.2 It is not possible to enter an age below 13 years when creating an App Account.

10.3 If you are below the age of majority in your jurisdiction, you may only access ByteKast LXP under parental supervision, and/or in restricted mode.

10.4 If you require the consent of a parent/guardian in terms of your jurisdiction, please ask your parent or legal guardian to review this Privacy Policy on your behalf.

10.5 As our services are not offered to minors, we do not intentionally collect any personal data on any person who is a minor. If we become aware that we have collected such data, it will be deleted, irrevocably.


11.1 ED understands the value of your personal information and therefore, takes all reasonable steps to safeguard such personal information from unauthorised access or use, misuse, loss or interference and will, on an ongoing basis, review its security controls and related processes to ensure the continued integrity and confidentiality of your personal information. The same standards are imposed upon third-parties to whom your personal information is shared by ED to ensure that they likewise maintain the integrity and confidentiality of such personal information.

11.2 We have implemented security measures to protect the security of your personal data.

11.3 We regularly review security and privacy practices to ensure our systems and services are secure. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we use all reasonable efforts to prevent this.

11.4 It is important for you to guard against unauthorised access to your personal data by maintaining strong passwords and protecting against the unauthorised use of your own account, computer, or device.


12.1 You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using the contact information contained in this policy. However, this may affect or limit your ability to use our services.

12.2 When you cease to use ByteKast LXP, delete your Account, or notify us that you withdraw consent, you withdraw your consent to our collection and processing of your personal data.

12.3 When you do not exercise your right to be forgotten, we will retain your data for research and reference purposes in the interest of product optimisation and legacy functionality, for as long as you may have a relationship with us. However, we may keep your information after this relationship for the following legitimate reasons: any questions or queries you have for us or for any fraud or legislative requirements.

12.4 With regards to deleting or editing your personal data:

12.5 You have the right to lodge a complaint with a Processor.


13.1 This Privacy Policy or any dispute or claim arising from this Privacy Policy is governed by South African Law.

13.2 If any provision of this Privacy Policy is judged to be illegal, void, or unenforceable due to applicable law or by order of a court of a competent jurisdiction, it shall be deemed deleted and the continuation in full force and effect of the remainder of the provisions will not be prejudiced.


We reserve the right to update, change, or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Any changes or modifications, additions, or deletions will become effective immediately upon notice to you which may be given by any means, including on ByteKast LXP’s website, by email, in-app, or via the respective Sub-Licensee(s). Your access to and/or use of ByteKast LXP thereafter shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes, modifications, additions, or deletions to this Privacy Policy.


If you have any requests concerning your personal data, we must acknowledge your request. Please contact ByteKast LXP.


If you are of the opinion that ByteKast LXP has misused or not protected your personal information in terms of this Privacy Policy or the appropriate protection of personal information law, please contact us and send your complaint to the email address provided above.